We want to capture all the best moments in our lives, the things that make us happy and smile. But some of the best are so fleeting that by the time you pull your phone out, they’re gone.  Fussing with a camera can also get in the way of properly enjoying a moment. It’s why you hire a wedding photographer to take care of that for you… but you can’t (and […]

Silicon Chef is an annual hackathon run by Hackbright Academy, and is described as an “Iron Chef for hardware hackers”. As soon as I found out about it, I knew I had to grab some friends and go. With Joan having a background in Electrical Engineering, me in Computer Engineering, and Yayoi in Computer Science Engineering, we had a pretty good spread in hardware/software knowledge. We met Tawny, Jessica, and Elly, […]

AngelHack was lots of fun.  We met lots of interesting people and got the chance to work on a flashcard application that I’ve had on the backburner for ages.  One of the people I met summarized my project pitch as: “So, there’s tons of research out there about how the brain learns most effectively – we want to bake those into an algorithm and put that behind a flashcards application to […]

Cereal Hack was hosted by Sacramento’s Hacker Lab.  It’s an interesting space with a number of open meeting rooms, offices, and a large open space in the back for larger hardware projects.  On the long drive up, we settled on the idea of a lunch daemon that would choose a good restaurant for lunch while accounting for the food preferences/needs of a group. How it works Users input their preferences/food restrictions.  They can […]