The first thing you learn to make in a beginner’s wheel throwing class is a small bowl.  Let’s be honest, the first few are thick, ugly things.  That’s ok though, because you can trim them down, sand them smooth, and hide your sins with glaze.  I love this one, called Matt’s Flambe. Don’t be fooled by the photo – this little bowl ended up about 3.25 inches wide.  They shrink throughout […]

I convinced a handful of friends to join me for wheel throwing classes at Higher Fire.  Two classes later, I’m a member with shelf space and still learning so much!  There’s a lot to share so I’ll start with tools I’ve picked up or made for these projects. Pretty much everyone has the same basic tools so I had to give them some identifying marks.  Simply writing my name on them […]

Silicon Chef is an annual hackathon run by Hackbright Academy, and is described as an “Iron Chef for hardware hackers”. As soon as I found out about it, I knew I had to grab some friends and go. With Joan having a background in Electrical Engineering, me in Computer Engineering, and Yayoi in Computer Science Engineering, we had a pretty good spread in hardware/software knowledge. We met Tawny, Jessica, and Elly, […]

Have you noticed a whitish discolouration of your child’s pupil in dim lighting conditions, from certain angles, or in place of a redeye in flash photos? The child might have leukocoria, which can be caused by one of over a dozen kinds of eye diseases, including congenital cataract (60%), retinoblastoma (18%), retinal detachment (4.2%), persistent fetal vasculature (4.2%), and Coats disease (4.2%). In children under the age of five, one […]

Maximiliano Diego | Salud Diario | April 11, 2014 Member of the Society for Public Health for Salamanca ( ADSP ) (Translated by Marie Huynh) I’m a doctor; a cardiologist, of the sort that puts those springs in patients when they suffer a heart attack. I love our work, but I recently left the hospital a little sadder than before. A patient, who had previously been admitted, returned with a second heart attack.  Looking at […]

I love baked stuffed mushrooms.  They’re easy to make and so good that there are never any leftovers.  This is a fairly simple recipe and aside from the mushrooms, consists of things I always have available.  Foodie tip: keep a stash of breadcrumbs and small pucks of goat cheese in the freezer for emergency appetizers. Ingredients: a large pack of mushrooms 1 egg 3-4 oz goat cheese 3-4 tbs breadcrumbs […]

One of the most unique dining experiences I’ve ever had was at a seafood restaurant in Gangnam named Goraebul(고래불), meaning “whale fire”. It’s known for its fresh seafood and is on a number of “Top Ten Restaurants” lists for Seoul. The menu varies depending on the daily catch and, in case you forget, there’s a tank full of live specimens right by the front door. Nothing on the menu was […]

One of my favorite places in Beijing is the 798 Arts District, named after Factory 798, one of the repurposed German electronics factories of the area.  The district is packed with art, not only in its many contemporary art galleries, but also adorning the sidewalks and walls of the streets in between.  Neither are permanent, both by nature and design, and it seems like there’s always something under construction.  A lot […]

AngelHack was lots of fun.  We met lots of interesting people and got the chance to work on a flashcard application that I’ve had on the backburner for ages.  One of the people I met summarized my project pitch as: “So, there’s tons of research out there about how the brain learns most effectively – we want to bake those into an algorithm and put that behind a flashcards application to […]

I couldn’t sleep tonight so I made these sparkly little Space Invader sugar cubes.  If I can get them to come out of the molds consistently without the legs breaking off, I think they would be fun to have around for a tea party. These are amazingly easy to make.  All you need is sugar, water, and a mold. Fill the mold you want to use with sugar.  That’s all […]