There are a lot of recipes that call for a lot of egg yolk but what do you do with the egg whites when you’re done?  A friend suggested meringue and in my search of a good recipe for my first attempt, I came across this highly rated one for meringue mushrooms.  Despite it being a little time consuming, what I love about this project is that because mushrooms are naturally so irregular, all the mistakes and misshapen blobs I piped out ended up being usable pieces.  They apparently look so much like mushrooms that even though I told a friend what they were, he still thought they were mushrooms until he took a bite.  I think we can call this one a success.

This is the raw meringue, ready for a dusting of cocoa powder and the oven.  Foil makes cleanup infinitely better.  And by that, I mean there’s practically no cleanup for the pan or oven.


These are some caps, some rounder, some flatter, and some having cozied up with their neighbors during baking.  And that’s ok; mushrooms don’t judge.


I nuked a brick of baker’s chocolate in the microwave for about two minutes, spread the chocolate on the bottoms of the caps, and drew in the lines with a toothpick.  I found that the lines came out the best when the chocolate was thin and still fairly warm; after it starts hardening, pulling the toothpick through makes it lumpy.

The instructions said to poke a hole in the cap to insert the stem, but I found that the tips were hard enough for me to just dip them in chocolate and push them in.  Serve in a colander or anything else you’d normally put mushrooms in for maximum confusion.





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