I love eating eggs in a frame, yolks slightly runny, with a twist of freshly ground pepper.  It’s best with buttered toast cut into fun shapes, which makes breakfast feel like a special occasion.  I bought the set of XO♥ cookie cutters for this purpose and have used them for little else.  This is how I like to make them:

  1. Punch a hole out of the center of the slices of bread equal to the volume of one egg.
  2. Punch out some extra ones for dipping.  Might I recommend dinosaur shaped cookie cutters?
  3. Heat the pan and rub the bottom with the end of a cold stick of butter.
  4. Place the bread in the pan and rub the slightly melted end of the stick over the tops.  Now both sides are buttered!
  5. Crack an egg in the holes.
  6. When the egg is mostly set, flip to brown the other side.  Flip toast as needed.

Tada!  No utensils needed for buttering and no torn bread.


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