I love puzzle games and Cut the Rope is no exception.  What makes this one particularly entertaining to me is how much the adorable little Om Nom’s unabashed excitement about nearby food reminds me of my partner’s similar excitement around food. This little guy kept me company during my three week long stretch of travel this month so when it came time for us to carve the pumpkin for the Synaptics carving contest, the Om Nompkin seemed like the perfect choice.

I freehanded the outlines for the simple face with a marker; you can see the remnants of the outlines around the mouth before the two coats of paint in the photo below.  The eyes were carved out with a Dremel but the rest was cut with a knife.  The legs were also cut out with a knife, inverted and wedged back in.

So how did we do in the contest?  We won second place, which came with a $25 gift card!  What surprised me was that first place was the pumpkin pi on a pie tin on the right instead of the carved dragon on the left.  Engineers love their pi, I guess.  

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