I love cities with a thriving street food culture.  Seoul’s is particularly wonderful because on top of there being a wide variety of delicious foods, the stands in Gwangjang market come with heated benches, the likes of which I have never seen in the US.  Imagine my surprise and delight when after hours of walking through the cold, snowy streets, I plop down on a bench for a late lunch and find […]

One of the most unique dining experiences I’ve ever had was at a seafood restaurant in Gangnam named Goraebul(고래불), meaning “whale fire”. It’s known for its fresh seafood and is on a number of “Top Ten Restaurants” lists for Seoul. The menu varies depending on the daily catch and, in case you forget, there’s a tank full of live specimens right by the front door. Nothing on the menu was […]

One of my favorite places in Beijing is the 798 Arts District, named after Factory 798, one of the repurposed German electronics factories of the area.  The district is packed with art, not only in its many contemporary art galleries, but also adorning the sidewalks and walls of the streets in between.  Neither are permanent, both by nature and design, and it seems like there’s always something under construction.  A lot […]

I met Mister T. O. Foucault at the Chinatown Night Market in Philadelphia while in the area for a conference.  After dinner with some coworkers at a nice handmade noodle shop, I wandered off to explore the area on my own. I think he’s more charming and has far more depth to him than this fellow on my shirt: