Pottery requires a lot of skill and you get a lot of things wrong before you get them right.  It seems wasteful to just chuck or recycle a piece that hasn’t gone quite to plan, so here are some pieces that I’ve reworked into something else.  First, the uneven rim or accidental dent can easily be turned into a heart shaped or wobbly rim.20141206_190550 20141204_221348

Collaring the neck of a bottle in is hard and when that goes wrong, if it’s hard to fix, it can turn into a spout.


But what about when things go catastrophically wrong?  Give it a face and a little body and call it a spoonrest.

20141206_183248 20141206_183232

My bottles were failing so I turned them into closed forms and carved this one into a little pumpkin house.  Might be good for incense?

20141206_175433 20141206_175425

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