I convinced a handful of friends to join me for wheel throwing classes at Higher Fire.  Two classes later, I’m a member with shelf space and still learning so much!  There’s a lot to share so I’ll start with tools I’ve picked up or made for these projects.

Pretty much everyone has the same basic tools so I had to give them some identifying marks.  Simply writing my name on them is boring so I went with faces.

I also made a roll for them to live in so I can easily find them when I need them.  Look at them, all pristine.  They’ll never be this clean again!



To mark my pieces, I carved a wooden stamp.  Shaker pegs are cheap and have a nice handle but are not completely finished so I had to grind and sand the faces smooth.


I’d never done wood carving before so I didn’t have any proper carving tools, but this diamond drill bit set I got for the Dremel works just fine on the soft wood.


For the design, I chose an ancient Chinese seal script and grabbed the image from www.chineseetymology.org.  I practiced writing the character until I liked how it fit in the small circle before writing it backwards on the wood.  Some manual carving and checking along the way later, all that was left was learning to ink and stamp with even pressure.


I like how it came out!  It unfortunately is not ideal for all types of clay and glazes though, so I’ll probably carve another one sometime with an inverted design and greater relief.  Until then, I’ll have to carve my name in manually for some pieces.  Speaking of carving, I also made these sgraffito tips out of staples with some pliers.  They fit into the handles of my X-ACTO knives perfectly and work pretty well.  Carved items to come in another post.



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