Here’s my latest batch of test pieces.  Glazes sometimes interact in odd and unexpected ways so I wanted to practice some different techniques and glazes before designing anything too elaborate.  Some of these came out as expected while others yielded some fairly surprising results.  In this bowl, for example, I was expecting a lot more red, alternating with the blue drip lines.  

20141229 150204a

20150120 000446a
It’s not very red at all.  I may add more glaze to this one for a future test.  Until then, it will probably function well as a serving bowl.  The next one went in pink and white but came out more or less as expected, with the blue streaks on white and a pool of blue in the center.  What I didn’t expect were the extra streaks of white in the center pool.  

20141229 143458a
20150120 001402a

Since the blue is a more stable glaze, the drips on the outside didn’t spread out very much and the droplets that had dried on the ends of the drips contributed nicely to the subtle gradient.

20150120 001510a

We made lids in class a few weeks ago and I gave this one a cavity in the knob so I could fill it with glaze.  It turned out surprisingly well!  I love the little blue cells that appeared in the pool of Matt’s Flambe.  Very thin streaks of blue sometimes appear in thicker applications of this glaze but I have not seen these structures outside of level pools.  This is definitely worth trying again.

20141204 221143

20150120 001820a

This one is the bottom intended for the lid and ended up a bit more subtle on the outside, with dark green streaks on black.  

20141229 145428

20150120 002146b

On the inside, it has a pool of blue as expected, but the blue and green stripes seem to have combined to produce some yellow.  Odd.  The colors on the two pieces are different enough that it might be better to split them up and make new things to pair with them.

20150120 002215a
This bowl is another example of how Matt’s Flambe will run down from the rim and turn clear where it is thin, red in medium thickness, and purple in the pools.  There are lighter flecks in the purple but no pretty blue cells. To be honest, I like the shape but not so much the color or drip pattern so it might go in the reglaze pile too.

20141229 132821

20150120 014420

The blue on this lid spread out a bit more than I expected.  Good thing I only used it on the knob!  I like the blue-grey though, so I’ll try that combo again on something a bit larger next time.
20141229 150852
20150120 014346
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