My favorite and most successful piece thus far has been this artichoke-inspired bowl, made using a variety of skills picked up over the past few months at Higher Fire.  After throwing and trimming a slightly thicker bowl than usual, I marked the base with ten dots, distributed evenly around the foot as guides.  Then I sketched out the outlines of each petal and carved each one using the tools I made.

20141207 213434

Here it is after bisque firing.  You can see that each petal has a bit of a ledge above it. This gives the glaze a place to pool a bit and highlight the edges of the petals.

20141229 104511

I decided to glaze it with celadon on the outside because in addition to being green, it is translucent enough to show carving details well while being stable enough to give a smooth, glassy finish.  

20141229 145417

20150120 002146a

For the inside, I used white and Matt’s Flambe again.  It offered both the purples and maroons I was looking for in one glaze but as always, is a bit of a gamble.  I think it turned out pretty well and I even got the pretty blue cells in the center pool.  

20150120 000652a

20150120 000713a

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