I am a philomath and polyglot: I have taken classes in Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.  I majored in Computer Engineering, minored in Philosophy, and collect skills for fun.  My friends tell me I am a good cook, a resourceful Macgyverer, and definitely on their zombie-apocalypse survival team.

I started the WhiteEye project and gathered a team to help write open source code to help with cancer research.  We have a working prototype of an Android app that helps screen for leukocoria, a symptom of a variety of eye diseases.  This includes retinoblastoma, which is fatal if left untreated.  A port to IOS is in the works, but there is more research to be done before it can be officially released as a medical tool.

I previously worked as an IdM/CMP Architect and Programmer for the Center for Gravitation, Cosmology, and Astrophysics at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.  While there, I was one of the main developers of the Internet2 Middleware project COmanage, an open-source federated identity management platform supported by the NSF.  At the same time, I also worked on the Auth team for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration at Caltech.

Before that, I  worked at Zizzo Group Marketing + PR + New Media as Development Manager (Press Release).  I was responsible for all things tech-related; there was no CTO above me, just CEO and Senior VP. I built infrastructure and modular templates to reduce deployment time by weeks.  I managed and worked on projects for clients such as (but not limited to):

To contribute back to society, I have volunteered for soup kitchens, EFF: Contact Congress, and SWE GetSET(Science, Engineering, Technology) summer program for high school girls from underprivileged groups.  I’ve worked on successful political and electoral reform campaigns.  I have taught people of all ages a variety of skills, from programming to origami.