I met Mister T. O. Foucault at the Chinatown Night Market in Philadelphia while in the area for a conference.  After dinner with some coworkers at a nice handmade noodle shop, I wandered off to explore the area on my own. I think he’s more charming and has far more depth to him than this fellow on my shirt:

I love puzzle games and Cut the Rope is no exception.  What makes this one particularly entertaining to me is how much the adorable little Om Nom’s unabashed excitement about nearby food reminds me of my partner’s similar excitement around food. This little guy kept me company during my three week long stretch of travel this month so when it came time for us to carve the pumpkin for the […]

I love eating eggs in a frame, yolks slightly runny, with a twist of freshly ground pepper.  It’s best with buttered toast cut into fun shapes, which makes breakfast feel like a special occasion.  I bought the set of XO♥ cookie cutters for this purpose and have used them for little else.  This is how I like to make them: Punch a hole out of the center of the slices of bread […]